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Hello and welcome to The Bin Ooze, we are a Binweevils fan site. If you want news on all things weevily and all things slimy you have come to the right place! We try and give you the best experience we can, I know our site isn’t the #1 Binweevils fan site, but every day our team are thinking about ways to improve the site.

Why come to The Bin Ooze As opposed to other BW blogs?

Well, unlike other fan made Binweevils websites we believe that simple is best! We try and make our site as simple and easy to navigate as possible, but we do like to add a touch of bling here and there! As well as this, you can have the chance to win competitions, as a Binweevils fan site most of our competitions will give you a chance to win a Binweevils membership for one month. At the moment we don’t give away cards for other games, but in the future we might. And I feel like this is what makes our site special!

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